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Functional Athlete Assessment & Programming

Are you a high-intensity functional training (HIFT) athlete who wants to maximize your potential without risking injury? We developed the Functional Athlete Assessment © for you. We use it to identify risky movements and create a guide to help you reach your fitness goals safely. It is perfect for CrossFit athletes, Spartan racers, Boot Camp athletes, and other HIFT athletes.


Comprehensive Functional Athlete Assessment© for HIFT Athletes

Our Functional Athlete Assessment© is a thorough evaluation designed to identify movement patterns, biomechanics, and areas of potential risk for HIFT athletes. By pinpointing these factors, our certified physical therapist can develop a customized training program that helps you enhance your performance while reducing the risk of injury. This assessment is ideal for CrossFit athletes, Spartan racers, Boot Camp athletes, and anyone participating in high-intensity functional training.


Performance Optimization through Targeted Programming

Based on the results of your Functional Athlete Assessment©, our certified physical therapist will create a tailored training program to address your unique needs and goals. By focusing on enhancing your strength, flexibility, mobility, and movement efficiency, you’ll be better equipped to excel in your chosen sport or fitness discipline, all while minimizing the potential for injury.


Injury Prevention Strategies for Long-Term Success

Injuries can significantly impede your progress and negatively impact your performance. Our Functional Athlete Assessment & Programming emphasizes injury prevention by identifying and addressing potential risks in your movement patterns and training regimen. With expert guidance from our certified physical therapist, you’ll learn how to modify and adapt your workouts to keep you safe and healthy as you pursue your athletic ambitions.


Periodized Training Plans for Continued Progress

Athletic performance requires a systematic and progressive approach to training. Our Functional Athlete Assessment & Programming includes periodized training plans that strategically vary your exercise intensity, volume, and focus to promote consistent progress and prevent plateaus. By incorporating periodization into your training, you’ll maintain your motivation, avoid overtraining, and continue to improve your athletic abilities. This is all supplemented with manual therapy techniques to ensure the risk of injury is even lower by addressing unknown fascial restrictions, trigger points and joint mobility issues.


Sport-Specific Training for Enhanced Performance

No two sports or fitness disciplines are the same, which is why our Functional Athlete Assessment & Programming is designed to cater to the specific demands of your chosen activity. Whether you’re a CrossFit competitor, a Spartan racer, or a Boot Camp devotee, our certified physical therapist will develop a training program that reflects the unique skills, movements, and challenges of your sport, ensuring you’re optimally prepared to excel.


Ongoing Support and Program Adjustments

As your fitness and performance levels evolve, so too should your training program. Our Functional Athlete Assessment & Programming includes ongoing support and program adjustments to ensure your workouts remain effective and aligned with your goals. Our certified physical therapist will monitor your progress, provide feedback, and make any necessary modifications to keep you on track and continuously improving.

Are you ready to elevate your athletic performance and achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively? Contact us today to schedule a Functional Athlete Assessment© and unlock your full potential with expert guidance from our certified physical therapist.